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 Tamsala Basenjis

Where health testing and excellent temperament are of equal importance.

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                                                                Please bear with me as many changes are made


Basenjis can be very destructive, up to, and including , destroying your furniture 

and your house, if they are bored  and left alone too long.

I strongly recommend crate training at an early age.  it will keep them safe and 

your house safe until you feel they  can be trusted being loose in the house.

Its always safest to have them in a crate for travelling, so you don't have to worry 

about one dashing out an open  door or window.

A Basenji's life expectancy is 15 to 16 years, so this is a long term commitment.


No dog is hypoallergenic.  People who are allergic to dogs can be allergic to 

Basenjis. If you are allergic to dogs and you want to see if a Basenji is for you, find 

a Basenji person who will let you come to their house to visit their 

dogs. Bring an old T-shirt and rub all over the dogs and take it home with you to see 

if you have a reaction.

A Basenji is NOT like other dogs.  If you don't like cats, you probably won't like a 

Basenji, because Basenjis are very cat-like in their behaviour, in their aloofness 

with strangers, pet them on their terms.

Some are snugglers, but not all. 

Do your research and think long and hard about whether a Basenji is the right dog 

for you and your family.


THEY HAVE A FULL RANGE of dog noises - they just don't have a continuous bark 

like other dogs. They can also do  a happy yodelling chortle noise,  a howl like a 

banshee - and an earsplitting scream if they are not happy. 

They also  have a deep snarl when necessary, and a single cough as a warning 


They just have a more subtle way of conversing with you.