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 Tamsala Basenjis

Where health testing and excellent temperament are of equal importance.


(aka Jerry)

Sire : Dual Champion (Tracking)

Yulara Mutua (Imp Sweden)

Dam : Australian Champion

Tamsala Rinky Dink


FANCONI      :     Fanconi clear by direct test

EYES              :    Eyes clear, no PPM

HIPS              :    2 : 3 (Total 5 )

PRA                :    Carrier (by direct gene test)

As Jerry has tested as a carrier for PRA,

he is only available at stud to bitches that have

tested clear by direct test for PRA  

The eyes have it!!

And the eye liner is to die for!

Thank you Thomas for your wonderful legacy!

Jerry won Best Puppy in Show at

the Basenji Club of Victoria

Specialty, under English

breeder/judge Mrs Sally Wallis of

Zande Basenjis.

His litter sister Chloe was Opposite Puppy in Show.

Well done for the Tamsala tear- away twosome!

Jerry at 9 months old.

He has a soft gentle nature - all he

wants is for someone (anyone!) to

give him a cuddle, and talk to him.

Dog showing is not really his idea

of fun, but he tolerates it for me.

With only a few points to go till he is an Australian Champion, I

have promised him that we will go Tracking when he has

finished his title.

And he will be even happier if it is just the two of us, and sister

Chloe is left at home!!