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 Tamsala Basenjis

Where health testing and excellent temperament are of equal importance.



(Imported Sweden)

 Sire : American Ch Reveille Tricycle Two

Dam : Swedish/Finnish Ch Yulara Itichika

Date of Birth : 29 November, 2008


Fanconi : tested clear by the direct gene test.

Eyes : tested clear in Sweden and Australia

Hips : 4 : 3

PRA : Normal by direct test

Mia flew to America to bring Tricycle back

to Sweden to be mated to her Chika.

When I heard of the mating,

I knew a puppy from this combination

HAD to find it's way to Tamsala.

He incorporates the best of both bloodlines -

with the coat, fine skin and wrinkle,

angulation and movement that I really like.

Mia has done a wonderful job on raising Turnip. 

He has been everywhere, and done everything,

with lots of socialisation and companionship

which made his big trip "Down Under"

at such a young age easy!!

21st March 2009 -

Turnip on arrival at Spotswood Quarantine,

sitting for his food.


Turnip has had a busy time since he arrived at Kiewa.

He has met a large gathering of kangaroos

( what a funny way those animals move!!),

had his first obedience lesson with Scott Harris

( and a learning "Mum"),

played with lots of other dogs at his first two shows,

and met "Auntie" Mary -

the boss at Tamsala -

she has taught him how to go in and out the dog door,

how to sleep in bed with "Mum",

how to ignore all the other Basenjis

(who are suffering from "green-eye" jealousy),

and how to scab anything edible

from anyone silly enough to listen!!

At the moment he is sleeping beside me at the

computer - in his dog bed.

Most obvious thing I have noticed

(other than his dew claws - not taken off now in Sweden)

is that he doesn't feel the cold!!

All my other Basenjis are cuddled up

in their polar fleece coats

- and Turnip says

"Cold - this is cold? Get real!!"

Just you wait till it's 43C plus Turnip!!

Then it'll be a different story!!


Mia's African Basenji Gali helped

in the rearing of Turnip's litter.

It is interesting watching how he thinks things out,

his hunting ability - be it Bogong moths, frogs, crickets,

or kangaroos (he wishes!!)

It is to be hoped that he doesn't feel the need

to hunt snakes when the heat sets in-

because Auntie Jan will not be encouraging THAT one!!

His obedience classes are progressing

very successfully -

with the occasional Basenji "oops"!

He is now up to Intermediate Class -

loves Clicker Training,

and is VERY good at solving problems.

He does find dog shows BORING -

just like Auntie Jan!!

But we will force ourselves to do the "show" thing!

He has decided that his thick winter coat

which he grew after arrival,

is no longer necessary

and has decided to get rid of it

(in the middle of our winter!)

At long last I may get some photos!


Friday 7th August 2009

Turnip Dog Challenge, Best of Breed

and Minor Puppy in Group

Saturday 8th August

Turnip Dog Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed

Sunday 9th August

Turnip Dog Challenge and Best of Breed

That's 30 points towards his Australian Championship.

Good stuff, Turnip!!

Now - all he has to do is lose the rest of his winter coat -

and find some Aussie sunshine to get rid of that

 "winter nose"!!


On 28th November Turnip turned one year old.

His coat has finally decided to move,

and his colour will be an extremely rich red

when it is finished.

In spite of the sunshine,

his nose is still refusing to completely colour up,

but I live in hope! (He doesn't care!!)

On 26th December, we took some photos

to show how he has developed

into a strong, handsome young man.

Turnip will continue with his Agility

and Obedience in the New Year,

and finish his Championship title.

WE are going to be rather busy.

APRIL 2010

Turnip was photographed at the 2 Myrtleford Shows

where he won

Best Junior in Group

both days.

Photos by Biju Photography

Turnip on the move at Deniliquin Show April 2010