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 Tamsala Basenjis

Where health testing and excellent temperament are of equal importance.


Practicing his tracking

One of Turnip's many activities

(he's a VERY busy boy!)

is Tracking.

We discovered this "game" in May 2010.

A winter activity at the Ovens Valley Canine Club,

where he "socialises" every Sunday,

is Tracking.

Thanks to the very capable training

from Rottweiler breeders

Rae White and Glenys Stansfield,

Turnip realised how good it was to "find" people.

There were also really nice "goodies" on offer at the end!

On Sunday 22nd August, Turnip and I,

ably assisted by Bev Reid,

took part in his first Tracking Trial at Inverleigh.

400 metres, 2 turns, find one article - and Mum!

Turnip passed his Track one -

with an Excellent Grading!

In September 2010, Turnip and I,

and Bev Reid with Aussie,

had a weekend at Ballarat

for my second Tracking Trial.

This time for Turnip was his Test 2.

It was over 800 metres, 2 articles and 3 turns.

Turnip was finding Bev (my track layer.)

We were tracking through paddocks this time

- the weather was damp,

the ground muddy in parts.

Turnip had never seen sheep before,

he was distracted by flapping flags,

there was a rabbit carcass to investigate,

and at 600 metres he ran out of puff!

He completed the track and found Bev

- and passed his Track 2.

It was just a bit much too soon-

neither of us had enough experience.

Bev and Aussie were doing Test 6 -

and I had the pleasure of watching them go.

Aussie did well -

and became the first Basenji in Australia to pass


Our photo says it all!!

As tracking was finished until next winter

at Ovens Valley,

Turnip and the rest of my keen novices

(Duggie, Jimmy, and Kitty)

have been training with Gordon Cole

of the German Shepherd Club in Wodonga.

Hopefully, we will be ready

when tracking trials start again in 2011.

Update on Tracking 2012

2011 Turnip passed his T.D (Tracking Dog).

At the end of the Tracking season

he had reached Test 6, which when passed,

will give him his TDX. (Tracking Dog Excellent).

His first attempt at Haddon was unsuccessful.

Turnip was tracking in sheep paddocks.

After a heavy rain storm,

the smell/taste of wet sheep poo

was just too much for him!!


Turnip has done well in 2012,

passing both his TDX,

and his Tracking Championship!

He is now -

Dual Champion (Tracking)

Yulara Mutua (Imp Sweden)


Turnip has now passed his first TSD test.

An interesting exercise!

He was still in Tracking "mode",

but hopefully that will improve as he gets to the

more difficult levels.