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 Tamsala Basenjis

Where health testing and excellent temperament are of equal importance.


Dating back to the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt,

the Basenji was renowned for its hunting ability

- and was used in the Congo by its African owner -

for flushing game from the dense undergrowth.

A good hunting dog was highly prized.



The Basenji has a short coat ,

in colors of red, black, black and tan, or brindle -

all with white feet, white chest, and white tip on tail.

Some are more flashily marked, with long white legs,

or a full white collar, or white on the face.

They have no dog smell, and clean themselves like a cat.

Because there is no dog smell -

a weekly bath is really not necessary.

Basenjis consider that water is just for drinking,

so they won't argue about no bath!



Grooming of a Basenji is minimal.

The use of a soft rubber curry brush when their coat is changing

is really all that needs to be done.

"Show" people like to trim their dog's tail

to neaten it's outline, but this is not a necessity.

Nails should be kept short, or the toes will spread

to accommodate the long nails.

Nails can be kept neat with a good pair of nail clippers -

or a file if you prefer - and the dog doesn't object!



Although the Basenji cannot bark like a "normal" dog,

they are not mute, but have a more subtle way of communicating.

This can range from :

a single "Boof"! - (warning sound)

a mournful howl (mating season, or miserable)

a happy yodel (which can sound like a cross between a rooster

crowing, and a dirty chuckle!) - 

and in times of loneliness and frustration - 

an unearthly scream!

The more you encourage your Basenji to yodel,

the more they will do it.

According to Basenjis -

the yodel is a good way to get out of trouble ,

if they have done something they shouldn't!



A Basenji is not a suitable dog to leave on its own all day while everyone is away working or at school.

Basenjis need to be part of the family - with equal time both indoors and outside.

Being a short coated breed, they feel the cold in the winter - and are better if able to sleep inside with the family.

But most important of all - is that your fences must be of a suitable height - and dog-proof!